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New Tune

2010-01-19 14:55:54 by Boogerblaster1690

Hey everyone! its been soo long since i wrote anything on here haha but i figured why the hell not! i made a new song that everyone in my family, and on my facebook lol really enjoy. i hope that i might attract some new fans maybeh to my music, animations, or just to me! =D that sounded way gay but hey its okay! (is it just me or was that a wierd sequence of rhyme....) OK BACK TO MAIN TOPIC check out the latest song The Name of the Wind and gimme them tasty tasty stars and 5's! please? or dont it doesnt matter as long as u like it. ^~^

wowzers have i been studying hard hard hard that i barely have been drawing as much as normal. but today, someone said that they wanted to see me draw a picture under 5 mins so i did. and ill post it hya, but lemme talk a bit more b4 i does that =3 anywhoserwatsers, ive been feeling real ancy lately. like, theres something i really wanna do, and its within my grasp, yet im just out of touch of what it is. and i hate that feelinggggg!!! but its all gravy train wit dems bisquit wheels cuz summer is sooooon to be here and oh boy i cant wait. were going to the pococoocococococnos (poconos) and again, but louder, CANT WAITTT!! ok lemme post that pic now, i think ive let enough energy out in this post to kill an average size goat.

ive been at it again!!!

its wierd, i feel like writing....but its like noones listening lol. guess im just a dork =p anywhos ive been up like, all night drawing and i cant stop! its 2:15 am and i got school in like, 4 hours, but im so wired to animate!!! ima take a quick pic on my phone and upload em. hold up! goes to do it*****

does anyone read these lol


2009-05-06 23:01:37 by Boogerblaster1690

zo em effing gee!!! today was a great day! played hockey then came home and did some animations. ( no flash animations as i suck at writing on a laptop mouse. ) but pencil and paper old school jawns lol. ima include a picture below of a friend of mine that i drew. i really like it but my gf doesnt women. but o wells. check it out! =D


to all that careZ!!

2009-04-15 00:19:32 by Boogerblaster1690

so yea if u read this u obviosuly care about me enough to read it! im not popular on newgrounds cuz i dont flash animate lol but i do regular animations and am currently in the production of my own anime,(with the help of talented others) and its called Transparent. its a anime that has a .hack feel to it, along with other aspects but its right now in its lower stage of development so were still looking for new members to join everyday! so if ur skilled in animation, (anime but other styles are welcome to come try out) then send me a peice of ur best work to and ill take a look and if i think ur good enough to make the cut, then ull be hearing more then. so thats about it on me and my animations. ty for reading! =D