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Entry #5

New Tune

2010-01-19 14:55:54 by Boogerblaster1690

Hey everyone! its been soo long since i wrote anything on here haha but i figured why the hell not! i made a new song that everyone in my family, and on my facebook lol really enjoy. i hope that i might attract some new fans maybeh to my music, animations, or just to me! =D that sounded way gay but hey its okay! (is it just me or was that a wierd sequence of rhyme....) OK BACK TO MAIN TOPIC check out the latest song The Name of the Wind and gimme them tasty tasty stars and 5's! please? or dont it doesnt matter as long as u like it. ^~^


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2011-03-23 03:05:05

YEa the Latest TUNE SON