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Level Up! Level Up!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

the nightmare

the game is good dont get me rong, but after the first nightmare, i went invisible. i reloaded the game, but it didnt help. i went back to the main NG page and reopened it then restarted the game, and it worked. but it seems like thats too much to go on, try to work on the bug cuz its a great game. =D

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Cave of Wonders Cave of Wonders

Rated 5 / 5 stars

oh shush...

reading all the other reviews, and im kinda getting tired of them. normally users write positive things about submissions but now it seems that all viewers and gamers want something like a COMPLETE GAME. first off, its a flash site, not a game store. want a full game, go to a game store and buy one. second off, he put himself in the game cuz he uses all newgrounds PEOPLE as characters bases for his games. if uve ever played any of his other games, you would know he adds users of ng not made up characters. finally people, get over yourself. if u think the game is too hard, then u suck at games. (ill merge that starter in with my review..) its a challenging game with not so announced leveling and the fighting is pretty basic. a for everything. simple enough, but the switch between a spinning attack and a stronger stance attack, really kept me making my own combos. lol but yea, the gameplay was smooth, the animation was very nice, and the music went SO well with the game. 10/10 5/5. keep it up luis like of course, i know u will.


Multitask Multitask

Rated 5 / 5 stars

not a college oh well ^_^

i dont really get the fact that being a college student makes u play video games better, but ok, lol anywho, i dont normally log in to write reviews on games, i log in for em to get the delicious medals they award but for you, i made an exception ^_~

first of, woah, the complexity is literally amazing. the way u transend one game into another is great. u give the player the new rules, plus his own time to readjust to the new key settings at thier own pace before jumping back in. graphics are great for the game and the movement is smoother than a babies butt. (im no pedafile...ive heard stories...DONT JUDGE ME!) but yea, its a great game. im not going to say make more because its a one of a kind style and simply cannot be duplicated. great work 5/5 10/10.


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Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

in 1 word? epic.

this game, by far, is the most outstanding game i have ever played. the music, the gameplay, everything was just simply perfect. usually i write something the can be changed or improved, i cant say any words. this game is just simply.....UGH AMAZING!!!

the shapes not only were just simple music notes, they were symbolic to the feel of the music as well. the gameplay was so fluid, i almost drank the game! lol but everything was so smooth that it just fell right into place. if anyone voted bad to this game, then for shame on them. but this game is a masterpeice and i am honored to have played it. thank u so much and i will be awaiting your next submission with all eagerness.


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Da Pink Knight Da Pink Knight

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wewt wewt for medals. om to the nom nom!

yea im kinda a medal hunter lol and i have to say this game was really fun to get the medals for. very challenging medals! but yes, this is a review, so let me do such. the game is kinda clunky, slow paced, ( maybe my computer?) but the action is kinda fun. the game does show a more femanine side with the magic power, and a comical side as well, and does stand a fair chance against most other games on ng. overall, a fun game to spend time getting medals on. challenging concepts make the game that much funner to get sucked into. really enjoyed it and keep up the good work! btw mindchamber, i had fun kicking ur ass in portal defenders! lol oh and btw, is the secret number like, 8008? just quessing. (thats the only medal i didnt get at this game!!!!))


In Utero In Utero

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lmao whitty.

wow. beyond addictive and hilarious. why so addictive? medals. gotta love em. i om to the nom nom them any chance i get. but this games medals gotta be the most simple, yet hardest medals to get. reason being, thier not impossible, 9 year to get medals thier tasks that make u really try harder and harder till u get them. i was drawn in by the simplicity, yet intriguing cenario and got so into it, i was humming the song "groove tube" for at least a week lol. but overall, its a great game. whitty, humourous yet at the same time challenging. just one question....what makes a tampon

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FetusFulp responds:

haha, your review was entertaining to read. "om to the nom nom?" that's awesome. i'm taking that.

as for the black tampons, they are pure evil. hence the cute lasers. :3

Chaos Of Mana Chaos Of Mana

Rated 5 / 5 stars


very fun game and massivly impressed with it. to be honest i thought it was going to be really crappy but it wasnt. i really got into it and the story line, thought not really that edgy, was present and did make me lean more into the game. although im stuck at a problem. at the end, theres a character named greenrob, big lizard with a giant mace rock thinger, and he pumbles me for like, 5 mins, cuz he hits like, critical all the time, and never misses, but i miss ALL the time. i dont get that, i just got the fairy that gives like, all that vit, and now i miss all the time? doesnt make sense to me, but maybe its a glitch or something. just wanted u to know that, however my own cercumstances, the game is a fun and interesting trrip to medevil times. btw, my stepdad is drunk off his ass and just came into my room involve the game, but, thought id just mention that cuz wow im like, uberly disturbed now...
lmfao ok ok ok the game is great, looking forward to part 2. now i gotta go see if they make water hot enough to burn memories out of my eyes lmao


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herian4 responds:

i dont know if my answer is late but, to kill the guy of 100% miss.. why dont you use desesperado? all warriors special moves are undodgeables.
when you meet a hard enemy change your normal tactic ;)
thanks for the cool review and for play it :D
my bests
Hernan Lopez
Epic LLama Warchief

Crazy Tracker Crazy Tracker

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ok seriously..

wow seriously? im a light person on newgrounds and usaully give good recviews to even the flashes that arent worthy. i try to give helpful hints to help a person improve and not criticize. but seriously dude, not u the animator, the game was great just not my forte, but overall it deserved its 10. im sure u worked hard and it came out nicely and is on the top page. grats and make more! =D

ok, back to u bigcrazy. wth are u talking about. rebellion? brain washing? are u serious? ok,ok,ok. u say that the game is symbolizing the taking away of peoples individualism with 1 quote to make the game sound interesting. the character in the game, a cog, is obviously being the one talked about in that sentence and u as the player, just being addicted to the game.

the rant u did was pure rubbish. all u did was pull out a history text book and ramble on about some stuff that has nothing to do with a NEWGROUNDS GAME! if anything, newgrounds is a site where people can slip away from all the biased society and relax and watch and play what they want, and do as they please. this site advocates nothing of the sort twords rebellion so get off ur pedastool and start actually thinking what ur talking about.

freeworldgroup, excellent game. bravo standing ovation and all between. dont let some 5th rate ranter bash the game im sure u spent months making and completing to make it on the first page.

to all others that want to criticize things with no REAL understanding of ANYTHING will personally have a paragraph or two from me.

thanks guys! enjoy the game and remember to vote on how the game plays out and not one line in the game! =D

~yunganirish =3 <3333

Shopping Cart Hero Shopping Cart Hero

Rated 5 / 5 stars


wow. really this game is like, amazing plus 7. but commenting on wolf wolf, i did a backflip and superman and landed it with a cart full of 3 people lol. bragging rightss** anywho, the game is simple, but really fun. all a great game needs is a good idea and this by far takes the cake. kudos man and keep up the great work.

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Resident Wiivile Resident Wiivile

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


im writing this on my wii and i i got to say......its pretty lousy. the game itself is great but on the wii there is a clickin lag. it makes the wii experience bad. but overall, its a good game on ur comp, not on wii.

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